Apple may hire Google to build Gemini AI engine into next-generation iPhone

Apple may hire Google to build Gemini AI engine into next-generation iPhone

It is possible that the next batch of Apple iPhones may include an artificial intelligence enhancement (Gemini) that was developed by Google, the multinational search engine company.

It was claimed by Bloomberg on Monday that Apple is in the process of exploring a partnership with Google that would enable Google to incorporate its Gemini artificial intelligence engine into Apple’s iPhones. An agreement between Apple and Google has not been verified. Neither of the companies reacted right away to a request for comment that was made on Monday.

The proposed transaction, according to analysts on Wall Street, would be beneficial to both companies in a variety of ways.


“What matters here is that Apple may receive or retain some payment from Google for the privilege,” analysts at Melius Research said in a letter to investors. “This is especially important if it helps Google keep more search revenue,” they said. “For Google, it would be a reputational win versus Microsoft and OpenAI, after a series of missteps in launching reliable AI products.”

However, discussions between Apple and Google do not necessarily indicate that a deal will be reached. Bloomberg stated that Apple has also discussed the possibility of adopting OpenAI, which is owned by Microsoft, with the company.

Google and Microsoft have been engaged in a competition to establish themselves as the dominant players in the field of generative artificial intelligence (AI), which was a phenomenon that swept the globe in 2023 with the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Since then, the technology has attracted the attention of both businesses and individuals alike, and it has already started to transform work and entertainment. This has raised concerns among lawmakers and tech corporations that are concerned about the quickly expanding impact that artificial intelligence will have on society itself.

The IT giants Google and Microsoft are now working toward the goal of gaining a competitive advantage in the market, and there is a possibility that a relationship with Apple could be the key to accomplishing this goal.

According to analysts, Apple’s discussions with Google are an attempt by the Cupertino, California-based corporation to improve its forthcoming iOS 18 in advance of the company’s event to unveil its new products, which is expected to take place in June. Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources, stated that if an agreement between Apple and Google were to be concluded, Apple would be granted access to Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence program.

“We believe the company is looking to upgrade Siri, augment the App Store for AI developers and foster edge processing on its devices for faster, secure experiences,” according to analysts at Melius Research.

Nevertheless, since it was relaunched a month ago, Google’s Gemini has been experiencing some difficulties. It was determined in February that the search giant’s Gemini artificial intelligence chatbot was making historical depictions that contained “inaccuracies.” For this reason, the chatbot was suspended from generating photos. As an illustration, the business apologized for images of Nazi soldiers as being of African and Asian descent, as well as depictions of popes as being female.

According to Dan Ives, a senior stock research analyst at Wedbush Securities, the motivation for the proposed merger is Apple’s desire to increase the number of iPhones it sells.

“For Apple, this will give them the foundation and technology blueprint to double down on AI features currently being developed within Apple Park to make sure that iPhone 16 will be a potential game changer iPhone release around AI functionality,” Ives explained to reporters.

Apple may hire Google to build Gemini AI engine into next-generation iPhone

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