1 Direct GPT Invocation Comes for ChatGPT Users: Level Up Your Chats: Great!

ChatGPT User Direct GPT Invocation

Direct GPT Invocation: OpenAI is upgrading GPTs (third-party apps built in by AI models), by providing users an opportunity to invoke them into their chats.

Direct GPT Invocation

From today (January 31, 2024), premium users of ChatGPT & OpenAI chatbots can bring other GPTs into conversion by typing “@”. A list of GPT addons or products will appear. They can switch between or use them in their chats. The chosen GPT will have a complete understanding and knowledge of the full chat (conversation) and different GPTs can be “tagged in” for different use cases- Switching into the conversation or chats of different GPTs.

OpenAI is planning to introduce different monetization plans for developers, who are willing to sell access to their GPTs. But the company should get the traffic first. According to the data from similarweb.com (a web analytics company) custom GPTs are only used in 2.47% of the total ChatGPT’s traffic worldwide. It is a thing to worry about because the traffic has been decreasing steadily from custom GPTs since November 2023.

“This outstanding and valuable feature allows ChatGPT users to add relevant GPTs with the full context of the conversation,” OpenAI said in a Tweet.

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