Who is Gigachad? Height, Face, Age and Net Worth


Gigachad’s Biography

Ernest Khalimov is a Russian fitness model and bodybuilder. He got popularity on social media and online platforms due to trolling his photo posted on reddit. His muscular physique and attitude made him a role model for many of the young guys at the age of 50s. His black and white pictures better highlight his tone and size. He was born to Russian parents and for privacy purposes the names of his parents are not still exposed. He finished his education from his hometown school. Regarding his early age, family background and educational background, no information is available.

Age, Height and Weight

Ernest Khalimov stands with 203cm height and 95 kg or 209 lbs weight. He possesses long black hair and wide brown eyes. His shoe size is 13(US).

What is a Gigachad meme? 

“GigaChad ” is an internet term that is famous nowadays on social media platforms & online forums. It is used to elaborate the best form of masculinity. It mainly refers to the man who is considered to be extremely attractive and successful with romantic company. Usually the term “gigachad” refers to the person who is a strong archetype of traditional masculine traits. 

The enigma of Gigachad was started when an unknown reddit user posted a photograph of a Russian guy Enrnest Khalimov in mid October 2017. He was shocked and impressed by the masculine physique of Khalimov. So the account holder called him “Gigachad”. He was written as Gigachad- the destroyer of the veins in next reddit post. This made this term viral on the internet & people are searching about Gigachad.

What is the Gigachad strongest form?

Gigachad’s strongest form means that our culture’s obsession with physical strength and attractiveness matters a lot. In the case of Gigachad, it is a kind of mockery for us, but at the same time he can also be an inspiration. Here are the strongest forms of Gigachad:

Physical Attributes: 

Most of the people on social media called him a muscular man. His physical appearance is exaggerated and attracts the attention of people.

Social Supremacy:

We can’t deny his social supremacy. He is now like the life of any party and can help us win over the arguments using his photos.

Sexual Allure:

The strongest demonstration of Gigachad is his high desire. He attracts every single individual possessing the opposite sex or gender, and his romance becomes the stuff of folklore.

What does Gigachad’s face represent?

In online media the face of Gigachad represents absolute masculinity and extreme confidence. His face reflects high confidence and charm. No matter if it would be an imaginary character, the  desire to possess or attain that assurance is completely genuine. Her are the the key points to work out in order to attain same character:

Confidence Boost:

Confidence is the value of how others see you. Stand tall, stand straight and walk purposefully. Eye contact is the key to boost confidence. Gigachad’s face continuously reflects confidence.

Skincare and Grooming:

In order to achieve Gigachad’s look, skincare and personality grooming is the essential factor. Maintaining a well-groomed and attractive beard style complements your face shape. Spend some of your budget on skincare service to keep your skin healthy and charming. You should always use sun-block substances, moisturizer and face cleansing products. 

The Gigachad Mindset: 

The Gigachad mindset is about achieving high confidence, high attitude and smart outward look. Keep a sense of humor and try accepting challenges. Don’t be afraid of accepting challenges. Feeling content with all that you have makes you confident; it’s not termed as arrogance.

Face impressions: 

Emotions matter a lot in  building confidence. Communication with right emotions plays an important role in similarity with Gigachad face. For this, practice grinning, smirking and try lifting an eyebrow in front of a mirror.

Girlfriends and Net Worth


Ernest Khalimov is in a relationship with Krista Sudmalis, and they have been together for a significant period. They often share moments of their life on Khalimov’s social media profiles. However, it’s important to note that there are conflicting reports about the nature of their relationship. Some sources suggest that they are just friends and that Krista Sudmalis is married to another man. But whatever the resources say, this is their personal matter so we should take care of their privacy.

Net Worth

As per reports from the resources, Ernest Khalimov bears the approximate net worth of $1.5 million USD. 

Some Interesting Facts

  • He is only active on Instagram, not on any other social platform.
  • His project of Gigachad NFT collection comprises 146 items.
  • He has a perfectly jawline and muscular body.

Social Media Profile(s)

  • Instagram: @berlin.1969
  • X-Twitter: Not Known
  • Facebook: Not Known

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