Review of the Castelli Tutto Nano Thermal Bib Shorts Andy Turner

Castelli Tutto Nano Thermal Bib Shorts

Castelli Tutto Nano Thermal Bib review

VERDICT: Well-made, reasonably priced bib shorts with strong water resistance and insulation that are cosy in cooler weather

HIGHS: Excellent value, well-treated DWR, leg reflection, good thermal properties, and few logos

LOWS: A little flimsy seat pad

The Nano Flex 3G material is the foundation of the Castelli Tutto Nano bib shorts, which are made to perform best in chilly weather and offer some weatherproofing during downpours. To help with insulation, the legs are spread wide, and the front is lifted. The back of each leg has reflective inserts. Longer days spent in the saddle may cause the chamois, which is not the thickest, to lose its comfort. But considering the price, the shorts are quite effective.

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Bib Design and specifications

Andy Turner

Mesh bibs promote breathability, while Castelli’s Nano Flex 3G fabric, which blends a soft thermal inside with a water-repellent outer, is used in the Castelli Tutto Nano bib shorts. Each leg cuff has reflective inlays on the back, while Castelli’s Kiss Air2 seat pad serves as the chamois. To improve breathability, the straps have a little meshed construction. The shorts, which come in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL and are exclusively offered in black, are said by Castelli to function best in temperatures between 13 and 20°C.

Castelli Tutto Nano Thermal Bib Shorts


Andy Turner

When worn in a variety of settings, the Castelli Tutto Nano bib shorts perform admirably in a broad range of temperatures. When worn alone, they provide sufficient ventilation for usage on the turbo and in temperatures as high as twenty degrees. When combined with leg warmers, they provided adequate insulation at 3–5 degree temps. 

The straps allow for adequate breathability for the upper body, while the raised front face and Nano Flex fleece material help to retain the heat in. Even after a few washings, the Nano Flex material continues to perform admirably in terms of water repellency. It performs best in brief showers but less so in heavy downpours.

The mesh straps provide moderate support without putting undue strain on the shoulders. These shorts fit comparable to other companies’ size medium shorts in a size medium, which is not always the case with Castelli. 

The leg grippers work well on exposed skin or leg warmers, although they go a little higher and more difficult to use on legs with longer hair. With its dual-density foam, Castelli’s Kiss Air2 chamois is a reasonably comfortable choice for rides lasting two to three hours. On the other hand, the thinner chamois may not be as comfortable on extended rides on rougher roads. Andy Turner

These shorts excel in terms of overall value since, at £130, they are significantly less expensive than many other options for thermal bib shorts. They work incredibly well and provide reasonable insulation and comfort for this price, however if you’re looking for even more insulation and comfort, you might want to consider something more expensive.


At a relatively affordable price, the Castelli Tutto Nano bib shorts provide excellent thermal insulation, strong water repellency, and respectable comfort levels. But the chamois lacks some of its more expensive competitors’ all-day comfort.

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