Casie Neistat: Height, Age, Net Worth, Relationships

Casie Neistat


Casie Neistat is a well known personality in the world of digital content creation and modernization. With profound experience of more than two decades he has gained popularity as a YouTuber, Filmmaker, vlogger and a passionate entrepreneur. This article completely describes the details of his height, age, net-worth, personal relationships and a little briefing of his biography. 

Height of Casie Neistat

Casie Niestat possesses the complementary height of about 5 feet and 9 inches (175cm). He has commanding as well as relatable presence on social media and beyond. Neistat’s height is one of the factors which helped him gain popularity and fame. His energetic personality makes him appear larger than he is. Whether he enjoys skateboarding in New York City or shares personal stories with his beloved audience, His physical stature always compliments his emotions and style. 

Age of Casie Neistat

Casie Neistat was born on March 20, 1981, being 43 years old as of 2024. He matured as well as improved his skills age by age. His hard work and persistence make him distinguished from other  Youtubers and vlogging communities. Over the years, he evolved himself with the changing landscape of digital media and maintained relevance to continue his growth on digital platforms. He started his career in the early 2000s. He witnessed rapid technological changes and changes in content consumption patterns. 

Net Worth

Casie’s net worth is predicted to be about 16 million dollars. This huge sum is the result of his endless attention to detail and hard work to improve his skills and move on. This revenue is generated from his YouTube Channel, filmmaking and entrepreneurial ventures. His social media company Beme, was acquired by CNN which significantly boosted his financial portfolio. 


Casie has been married to Candice Pool since 2013. He showcased their relationship in his vlogs and social media posts. They have navigated the ups and downs of life together. This strong partnership resonates with many of Neistat’s followers. Before his marriage with Candice Pool, his personal life was strictly private. He had no relationships that were made public. Focusing on his career and projects was his first priority throughout his life.


  • Full Name: Casie Owen Neistat
  • Birthdate: March 25, 1981
  • Birthplace: Gales Ferry, Connecticut, USA
  • Profession: YouTuber, Filmmaker, Vlogger, Entrepreneur

Casie got fame with his early work in film making. He is the co-founder of the social media app “Beme”, which is based on sharing unedited moments of life. CNN later acquired this app. Neistat’s YouTube channel is a cornerstone of his career. 

His daily vlogs, short films, and documentaries have gained millions of subscribers and billions of views. Known for his outstanding filming techniques and engaging dialogues, Neistat has influenced plenty of content creators to deliver their best self.

Despite YouTube, Neistat’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to various achievements, continuously expanding his influence and reach. His ability to mix personal anecdotes with broader societal commentary has made him a distinctive voice in the digital age.

Career and Achievements

Filmmaking and YouTube

Casie Neistat became popular with his HBO series “The Neistat Brothers” that showcased his short films & storytelling skills. His Youtube channel was launched in 2010 which made him succeed due to daily vlogs and storytelling. He gained millions of subscribers making him one of the successful YouTuber in the world.

Business Profile

He co-founded a multimedia company “Beme” in addition to filmmaking and YouTube channel. This acquisition improved Meistat’s bank balance very much.

Social Media Platforms

Neistat has left a great impact on the vlogging community and social media content creation. His vlogging approach has motivated thousands of beginner YouTubers to be persistent in sharing their daily life events online.

Philanthropy and Advocacy

Casey is much involved in charitable and philanthropic platforms to advocate social issues. His work in this niche demonstrates the case studies of his digital content creation.Neistat digital media landscape has enabled him earn numerous awards and accolades. 

Public Engagements

He has been a guest speaker at various conferences and events to share his views on the topics of creativity, entrepreneurship and future of media. Public Engagements are also a step forward in gaining popularity on online platforms.

Professional Work and Projects

Casey Neistat’s career began with short films and documentaries. His short documentary “iPod’s Dirty Secret” gained significant popularity in 2003 for Apple’s drawback of no battery replacement factor. His short filming clients include Nike, Mercedes Benz, and J.Crew. He can often be seen in engaging stories and advertisements.

Cultural Influence

His work and case studies are being referenced and celebrated which highlight his influence on modern storytelling and digital media production. Casey continues experimenting with new forms of content and media distribution and he is always striving for finding innovative ways to engage his audience.

Casey’s contributions to vlogging, filmmaking and digital media creation has referred to him as a pioneer and role model for creators throughout the world.

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